Best Resources for Workplace Safety

Best Resources for Workplace Safety

At Dwyer Group, we care about the safety and security of all of our Dwyer Group families. That includes our associates, our franchisees and their employees, and members of our communities. For that reason and in honor of National Safety Month, here are some expert resources to help make sure everyone stays safe during this summer season and beyond.

The U.S. Small Business Association has created a list of the Top 4 Resources to Help you Create a Safe Workplace. Check out the SBA to find out what requirements apply to area businesses, how to update a safety plan, and even receive free training!

The National Safety Council website hosts a plethora of resources to better serve the health and safety of business owners and their employees, including free webinars and other offers in June. Visit their website regularly to stay informed about health and safety information that may be relevant to business practices.

It's impossible to talk about workplace safety without referencing OSHA- the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA has designated this week, June 12-18 2017, as Safe + Sound Week, a new nationwide effort that calls on organizations of all sizes in a wide reange of industries to raise awareness of the value and importance of workplace safety and health programs.

What extra efforts are you taking to keep your workplace as safe and healthy as possible?

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