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Own a Handyman Franchise in an Established Market

To reap the benefits of owning your own business while minimizing startup risk, invest in an existing Mr. Handyman franchise. You’ll enjoy a business with a built-in customer base, an established brand presence in your community, and fully functional operating systems. A successful business takes hard work, ample time, and a lot of energy. When you start from scratch, you need to build brand recognition and grow your customer base. Choosing to join a well-respected national franchise system eliminates some of these challenges, thanks to brand exposure and established marketing campaigns and practices.

At Mr. Handyman, we are seeking potential franchise owners who are motivated, business savvy, and ready for an exciting new opportunity. Just like a brand new Mr. Handyman franchise, you’ll benefit from our wealth of support and resources, including continuous training, networking opportunities, cross-promotion throughout Neighborly™-branded home services franchises, and a dedicated Franchise Consultant to offer ongoing guidance.

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Mr. Handyman Stats:

  • The handyman/home repair service business is a $1 billion industry
  • Mr. Handyman has been in business since 2000; we are trusted, known & respected
  • In 2017 we ranked #1 for home repair services in Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500®

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Reap Professional & Financial Rewards with Mr. Handyman

What makes the home repair and improvement service industry the right choice right now?

  • As housing prices rise and existing home sales increase, so does the demand for repairs and improvement projects.
  • Homeowners who can’t afford to buy a new home often opt to improve their existing homes, leading to calls for upgrades and installations.
  • In the estimated $150 billion-dollar annual home improvement market, nearly one third of projects are minor repairs for which homeowners lack time, patience, or skill.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 6 out of 10 homeowners have seven or more projects on their to-do lists.

Buying an existing business gives you access to this viable market with minimal start-up risk, thanks to an established presence and customer base. Take advantage of this opportunity to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

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The Benefits of Ownership

  • Industry Leaders

    Industry Leaders

    Mr. Handyman is the franchise leader capitalizing on the growing demand for reliable handyman services.

  • In-demand Services

    In-Demand Services

    Over 100 million U.S. homeowners and commercial customers need help tackling their “to-do” lists.

  • Flexible Lifestyle

    Flexible Lifestyle

    Mr. Handyman allows you to be your own boss with a flexible schedule that allows you to enjoy your free time.

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